The importance of safety stock for wind farm maintenance


Scheduled maintenance at wind farms requires strict control over periods of downtime. The means that the wind farm’s personnel or the maintenance company must monitor each factor that could affect the work being performed. Safety stock is a way to help maintain control over these activities in relation to replacement parts and consumable supplies.

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For 20 years, we have been helping major maintenance companies that work at wind farms worldwide ensure that the wind turbines will continue to function correctly.

We are accustomed to working under circumstances involving corrective maintenance and urgent needs. However, our wind area always emphasizes the importance of our clients having their own personalized stock, which can contribute significant added value to the service we provide.

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What type of service do we offer?

Our service is focused not only on supplying stock to cover the work that wind farms and maintenance companies are performing, but also a complete solution that includes logistics and safety stock maintenance for wind farms.

We have logistics infrastructure, agreements with manufacturers, experience with locating replacement parts, and the ability to propose alternatives and refurbished options, all of which allows us to serve as a strategic partner for procurement teams working in the area of wind farm maintenance.

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What benefits does this provide for maintenance companies?

  • Reduced logistical costs: This is achieved by taking advantage of our worldwide logistics infrastructure.
  • Procurement planning: Buying in volume always results in more competitive prices, as well as better terms of delivery.
  • Safety stock: Maintaining safety stock lets those responsible for maintenance avoid stockouts when performing corrective and preventive maintenance. Our service ensures that replacement parts and consumable supplies arrive on the date and time when they are needed. We know that reducing downtime is critical for wind farms, and this is why we offer our Just-in-Time delivery service.
  • Analysis of alternatives: Our experience with machinery for all technologies, whether new or up to 30 years old, allows us to offer alternatives for discontinued parts, upgrades, or refurbished options for any type of wind turbine.
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Have you met our wind team?

Javier Yuguero is the head of our wind division that supplies components and replacement parts for wind turbines in the USA.

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