Amara NZero's first logistics operation in the United States turns one year old

Summer 2020 marked the beginning of Amara NZero’s first warehousing operation in the US.

The operation, like those Amara NZero has developed in Spain for many years, is born from a contract awarded by Avangrid, Iberdrola’s US-based company. Avangrid is one of the fastest growing utilities in the American market, especially in the renewable field.

The warehouse is based in Rochester, New York, where Amara NZero manages a 2PL operator. These services are performed for Rochester Gas & Electric, an Avangrid company that develops maintenance projects for the state of New York’s power grid.

The facility consists of 160,000 square feet (15,000 m2) and employs experienced staff members handling, loading, and managing the stock of electrical equipment, a field where Amara NZero has always delivered, being the main logistic operator in the energy sector in Spain.

As Frank D'Angelo, manager of the New York operations has said “Our mission is to bring value to their supply chain, becoming an integral part of their team by understanding their requirements in advance and implementing solutions towards any need.”

Regarding the first year of collaboration, Armando Flores, Amara NZero USA’s General Manager, points out that “during this time we have contributed through improvements in the management of the warehouse services to adapt to our customer’s needs. Their objectives are our objectives.”

The entire Amara NZero USA team is currently working towards growing this business unit, participating in tenders and quote requests with the assistance of Amara NZero’s general structure in the critical American market.

“This first collaboration with such a well-positioned company as Avangrid is only the first step of new businesses, where Amara NZero can contribute with its entire know-how in the management, digitalization and optimization of the supply chain in the energy market and renewables” states Alberto Fernández de Larrea, Sales Director of Services at Amara NZero.

Amara NZero provides its expertise and resolution in the warehouse management, contributing to the supply chain in the international market of renewables and electric power grids. Contact us here to get to know us better.