Electrification-Zero Emissions

Electrification of the global economy and increasing demands for energy present challenges in terms of designing a stable and secure energy system. This system needs to contribute to the fight against climate change, while at the same time allowing coverage for all of the energy needs existing anywhere in the world.

There is a need for energy sources that can produce a constant flow of electricity without polluting the atmosphere. There is also another fundamental aspect that cannot be overlooked, which is the safety, security, and maintenance of the related facilities and systems.

In relation to this, for example, nuclear energy provides about 20% of the electricity we consume, as a constant, uninterrupted source with no CO2 emissions.

We colaborate with important manufacturers in the USA and represent them in Central America, South america and Spain.

What we do

We are specialized distributors for nuclear generation facilities, and we offer a wide range of materials, spare parts, and services in this very demanding, highly specialized industry. We have been authorized as a procurement and supply management agency for Spanish nuclear power plants, by the Supplier Evaluation Group (GES) of the Nuclear Energy Committee at the Spanish Electrical Industry Association (UNESA). 

Our services

  •  Warehouse management: we are experts in the logistical, administrative, and IT aspects of stock management.

  • Management of procurement and spare parts: Domestic and international location, purchasing, and supply of spare parts and consumable materials.

  • Management of documentation and certification: Services for inspecting and approving materials at the premises of suppliers and manufacturers.

  • Auditing services: Auditing of quality management programs.

  • Authorized provision: Provision of commercial-grade equipment and components for use in safety and security systems.

  • Safety equipment for individuals and facilities.

Represented brands

We have agency agreements with manufacturers in Europe and the USA, so we can offer complete solutions for facility maintenance and operations, including management of worldwide logistics. 

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